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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 21, 2010 12:05am-12:35am EST

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and the last thing that'salmost going to stop me is weak thighs. mountain series, level 10. backwards. starts friday, november 26th at 4am.
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i'm doing a bit of light calisthenics, to practice for the big target 2 day sale on friday morning. when i'm shopping i feel it right here. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. wonderful game tonight at byrd stadium, with a spot in the acc championship game on the line. the maryland terrapins will come florida state to town. at first play from scrimmage by florida state, he goes along. touchdown. 7-3 fsu. danny o'brien, that is a touchdown for maryland. we are tied. third quarter, looking over the middle, he finds reed, 44 yards.
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at florida state on top. late in the fourth quarter, after the florida state touchdown, maryland down by seven, driving. danny o'brien makes the mistake, picked off. moody turns this into pick six, 97 yards, touchdown florida state. florida state wins. maryland's hopes to goad the championship game die. virginia tech going into the game with eight trip to the acc championship game on the line, pulling against miami. down the sidelines, 43 yards. fourth quarter, tide. williams on the keri, through the middle. he breaks it. the hokies take the lead. taylor says let's close this
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out, i am tired of this. he does it himself. the mice run into the end zone. virginia tech is going to the acc championship game. virginia-boston college, uva with the ball. 10-3, virginia. a 17-12, boston college and at the fourth. lining up for the field goal. he misses the chip shot. they would need those points. two seconds left in the game, va., last ditch try to win the game, under pressure, he escaped somehow and throws the hail mary. almost to the end zone, but it is incomplete. at boston college wins. navy-arkansas state. the pitch, howell does the rest, 12 yards into the end zone. in the second, dobbs throwing.
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he finds greg jones, wide open. lookout open he is. and he runs all the way to the end zone. 21-13 it navy. dobbs keeps it, into the and sen. navy wins. the capitals welcomed the philadelphia flyers tonight, in the phone booth. in the third, the flyers' top. backstrom trying to set the table, the scramble, bangs it hot room. -- banks at home. at 28 seconds later, the capitals strike again. less than a minute to go, the past, he likes the lamp. this goes to overtime. then to the shootout. here is the game winner. he gets beaten, and the flyers win, 5-4.
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the washington redskins' defense will be without to start tomorrow against tennessee. both carlos rogers and safety laron landry are going to be out for the game. that is a tough game tomorrow. >> hopefully they will redeem th
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cooler on the day tomorrow, warming up monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday, we will cool down. a >> sounds good. thank you for being with us.
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president barack obama is back in washington after just 32 hours in portugal. it before he left, he outlined next phase of the war in afghanistan. >> president obama said of the the next four years, the u.s. military footprint in afghanistan will be reduced. >> my goal is to make sure by 2014 we have transitioned, afghans are in the lead, and it is the goal to make sure that we are not still engaged in combat operations of the sort we are involved with now. >> the president said the transition would resemble the one in iraq. u.s. forces would shift from combat to training and support roles, but avoided a definitive deadline for withdrawal. >> is hard to anticipate what is necessary to keep the american people safe in 2014. >> he used the news conference to keep up the pressure on the
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senate to ratify the nuclear treaty with russia. >> there will be a lot of issues to debate between democrats and republicans the next two years. this should not be one of them. of am the president was asked about new airport security screening measures. >> at this point, tsa, in consultation with our counter- terrorism experts, has indicated to me that the procedures they have put in place are the only ones right now they consider to be effective against the kind of threat we salt and the christmas day bombings. >> the president said one of the perks of air force one is he doesn't have to go through security checkpoints, but he said keeping american save could mean huge inconveniences'. the president is keeping up
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pressure on the senate for the start treaty, also a big focus on abc's "this week." >> joining me now is the host of "this week." the voters sent a message that they would like to see more get down in washington. a big test of this is an issue you have been following, the start nuclear treaty. what does this tell us about how washington is working in the post-election reality? >> it does not look good for national security. this is reducing nuclear arsenals between the united states and russia, signed partially by president obama and the russian president, and in seoul, south korea, president obama said it would be ratified by the full senate and the lame duck session, only to have this week on tuesday senator jon kyl
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say, stop. we don't think we have the time to do it. this has propelled a back-and- forth between republicans and democrats to the extent that the secretary of state hillary clinton went to capitol hill. president obama has been surrounded by past and present expert on national security and secretaries of defense, both bipartisan, to say this must be done. harry reid thinks there is still time to do it, the question is why the wrangling? is it because they don't like the treaty? they want to stop president obama having his signature on foreign policy agenda? what? people say this will affect national security. if the net is states wants to reset the button with russia, -- if the united states wants to reset the but with russia, it has to get russia on board with the important effort to pressure
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iran, to halt in afghanistan. -- to help in afghanistan. all of those things the u.s. needs to have russians on board with. >> if it does not happen, how big is the echo in the world? >> what it says it is is not the world challenging the united states foreign policy but united states officials at home. people will say, is the president the powerful 11 comes to national security or congress? people will ask where the president stands on the issue. it is troubling for many people in the national security realm because for more than a year, for the first time since the cold war, there has been no verification by the united states on the russian nuclear arsenals. it has been allowed to lapse. >> tell us about the show on
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sunday. are you tackling these issues? >> absolutely, because some many of the senators who don't want to take this up are the same ones who want non-proliferation by all the other countries. we will tackle that and afghanistan, what will we see in the future there. it seems like the date of 2011 has been moved to with least 2014 in terms of a real transition, and we will be tackling that, iran, and domestic politics as well, the whole idea of what will happen with the debt commission, what will happen in terms of bipartisan answers to the economic troubles that confront the united states and the unemployment, all of that. sarah palin, in view of the reality show that is coming out, which he told barbara walters this week.
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she may be in the race after consideration and conversation with her family and others, a lot of things. >> the campaign season is over, now to governing season in washington. we'll be watching. thank you. >> watch abc's "this week" right here on abc 7 at 10:00 a.m. we all remember these images. now plans are and the work to make sure the snow gets removed quicker next time around. jay korff has the details. >> last winter's record storms straight couples residents. >> or stock for all week. >> the people who were paid to dig us out were blamed in part for our misery. we asked transportation leaders what it would do differently. >> there are things we could do better. >> vdot is offering a private
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snowplowers technology $1,000 to install net income to track their progress. each driver will have a new map that will highlight hotspots. and 600 additional trucks will be dedicated to digging out neighborhood streets in northern virginia alone. how about this, instead of waiting for 2 inches of snow before launching snowplows like vdot did last winter, they will. position vehicles in neighborhoods if the forecast calls for two or more inches of snow. at them as soon as those from the ground, put the plow down and start rolling. >> once it snowed, he could not do anything anyway. >> in the district, ddot purchased more snowplow equipment and plants to bring an out of state help if a bigger storm hits. >> i am hoping that experience
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taught the d.c. government a good lesson. >> maryland state highway officials say they will more aggressively pretreat roads and they have reorganized every route. >> it is a very good idea. >> officials insist through better training, drivers will not push feet of snow onto sidewalks and bus stops, forcing children to walk to school in the street. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> residents can also help on the storms hit. virginia residents are being asked to park on the odd bits numbered side of the street -- on the odd number side of the streets of the snow plows have more room. next, one neighborhood is fed up with trash on the streets and taking action. >> the first half of the final chapter arrives. i have a preview. >> cool day sunday, but a nice
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warm up monday and tuesday. at the forecast coming out.
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some capitol hill residents are fed up. people say their streets are constantly being littered with trash. they are zeroing in on one business in particular. >> call it an infestation. litterbugs have taken over this
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capitol hill neighborhood. >> i don't throw anything on the ground. i guess other people have different values. >> residents claim most of the trash comes from this 7-eleven store just a block away. >> i have seen chicken bones. >> chicken bones from chicken wings. for some reason they are getting piled up the street and snatched up by neighborhood dogs. dog owners say pulling a bone at of your dog's mouth that has been a stranger's mouth is disgusting. >> and it has also been a street. if it is not pleasant. >> the local commissioner tried to negotiate with the store but talks fell through. now he is challenging the district's zoning certificate for the store calling it a fast food restaurants. >> if you walk in, it looks like an amalgamation of a taco bell
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and pizza hut and kfc. >> the owner of the store declined to speak on camera, but he says there are several other stores selling fast food or chicken wings in this convenience center or along h street. he says as a community service he goes around the neighborhood and picks up trash himself. if 7-eleven was deemed a fast- food restaurant, it could not operate 24 hours. some residents say they need an overnight option on h street. >> as well lit, safe, nice plaza. >> other say it does more harm than good. >> especially at night. up next, we look at top headlines. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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some of the top stories topping headlines. a woman is dead and several others injured after a collision in silver spring. a fight between a couple at a nearby restaurant cost the man to jump into their minivan with their baby. soon after, the van driver lost control and slammed into an suv, killing a passenger in the issue v. washington's archbishop wuerl is now a cardinal. he was elevated during a
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ceremony in rome. he was joined by 400 well- wishers from the u.s. one of 24 cardinals. for us, about 10 degrees above average, noticeably cooling down tomorrow. then a big warm up as we move through the upcoming holiday week. 48 degrees in annandale, 41 degrees bethesda. the final stop, the district, ballou senior high school, 47 degrees. cooling into the middle, low or 40's as we move overnight. 66 degrees the high temperature at reagan national airport, 79 was the record, 1942. at 49 at the airport, the wind out of the north at nine. 40 winchester, 40 martinsburg.
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the cooler air off to the north and west. at detroit 36 degrees. the satellite radar, the weak cold front moving through. the high pressure settles back across the. tomorrow, meaning a mixture of sun and clouds. then another warm-up. monday and tuesday, daytime highs in the middle to upper 60's. at the cold front of to the west, increased clouds on the day wednesday. don't expect significant travel delays across the immediate metro. unless your travel plans take you into the midwest. wednesday and thursday, they could have showers and snow flakes. mainly clear and cold overnight, 35-42. tomorrow, not bad. daytime highs around 52-57 degrees. milder temperatures on monday and tuesday. well into the


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